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About ground water

Ground water is the water that accumulates fractured zones and other openings in rocks.

Ground water does not normally occur in underground rivers or lakes. Ground water is found in bedrocks, limestone and sands able to retain the water—like a sponge holds water.

The misconceptions are not surprising because some children’s books about water either do not mention groundwater or mistakenly indicate that it exists in lakes and rivers under the ground. Our mistaken ideas about groundwater start at an early age, and it becomes difficult to dispel these ideas.



How to find a site for water well drilling?

You should refer to experts of underground water survey, who have practical skills of survey  fractured zones. 


Drilling wells in:

                      platform areas                                                                                                         rocky regions                                                 


In the flat part of the Russian Federation, some geologic units serve as aquifers over hundreds of square miles. In rocky regions, the permeability of the rocks and sediments changes over short distances. As a result, most aquifers in rocky regions are local (subvertical). A particular rock layer may serve as an aquifer in one location but not in another.

Since most groundwater in bedrock flows through fractures and openings, locating a well where rocks have a high density of fractures may result in a higher yield.